Degree Requirements for MBA-RD students prior to Fall 2017

Degree Requirements

MBA/RD students will complete Foundations plus an additional 36 credit hours in the Brennan School of Business and 24 hours in the School of Health Sciences.  Business courses are offered on weekday evenings so that Health Science seminars and the onsite practices can be completed during the daytime. 

Students who have taken undergraduate business courses may be eligible to waive up to five of the MBA Foundation courses, depending on their coursework and academic performance in selected undergraduate business courses.  In addition to course waivers, students who have successfully completed relevant coursework at another accredited graduate program may request to have two courses (maximum six credit hours) transferred and applied toward MBA degree requirements. 

Original transcripts are required for consideration of waivers. Transcripts will be reviewed for waivers at the time of admission, but final approval of waivers may be withheld for students accepted provisionally until full acceptance is granted. In addition to course waivers, students who have successfully completed relevant course work at another accredited graduate program may request to have two courses (maximum of six credits) transferred and applied toward degree requirements.

Foundation Courses for MBA (Students may satisfy the Foundation requirements with either the 3-credit GSB courses or the new 1-credit hour courses offered below)
GSB 611/ECON 501 Foundations in Economics
GSB 612/ACCT 503 Foundations in Accounting
GSB 613/QUAN 504 Foundations in Statistics
GSB 614/MGMT 502 Foundations in Managment
GSB 615/FIN 506 Foundations in Finance
MBA Core Courses (24 credit hours plus Capstone (3 credit hours))
GSB 621/ECON 603 Economics of the Firm
GSB 622/MGMT 607 Management of Information Systems
GSB 623/BETH 608 Business Ethics and Society
GSB 624/MGMT 602 Leading People and Organizations
GSB 625/FIN 605 Financial Management
GSB 626/MKTG 606 Marketing Management
GSB 701/ACCT 604 Accounting for Managers
GSB 723/MGMT 609 Operations Management for Competitiveness
GSB 791/MGMT 699 Strategic Management (Capstone Course)
MBA Electives (9credit hours, selected from MBA Elective course list)
RD Degree Requirements (24 credit hours)
NUTR 501 & 503 & 505 & 507 Community Nutrition Supervised Practice (three-credit hours each)
NUTR 502 & 504 & 506 & 508 Community Nutrition Seminar (three-credit hour each)


The Didactic Program for the Nutrition and Dietetics curriculum at Dominican University is currently granted by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy and Nutrition and Dietetics. The address is:

Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics
120 Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60606-6995
Phone: (312)-899-0040, ext 5400