MBA-Master of Social Work Dual Degree

The MBA/MSW (with Dominican University’s Graduate School of Social Work) prepares you in both social work and business practices for leadership in nonprofit, for-profit, or government agencies.

Dominican University recognizes that an individual who possess the skills and knowledge of both a social worker and a business professional is exceptionally well prepared to lead an organization, whether it is non-profit, for-profit or governmental. To accommodate students who want to attain this level of professional preparation, the University’s Graduate School of Social Work and its Brennan School of Business have developed a dual degree program that allows students to complete both an MSW and MBA in a shortened period of time.

Course Descriptions

Please click on the following links to access course descriptions for the MSW and MBA courses.

MSW Course Descriptions
MBA Course Descriptions

For more information, please contact a member of the Graduate School of Social Work and the Brennan School of Business recruitment and admissions team:

Brennan School of Business

Lucy Hancock
Graduate Recruitment
(708) 524-6571

Graduate School of Social Work

Benjamin Mueller
Graduate Recruitment
(708) 524-6456