Course and Concentration Requirements for students starting MBA prior to Fall 2017

Degree Requirements

MBA students who started the MBA Program before Fall 2017 are required to complete the following courses.


To earn a concentration in accounting, data analytics, finance, healthcare administration, international business, general management, leadership, or marketing, 9 credit-hours must be completed from the selected area as specified below.


Foundation Course Requirements (Students may satisfy the Foundation requirements with either the 3-credit GSB courses or the new 1-credit courses outlined below)
GSB 611/ECON 501 Foundations in Economics
GSB 612/ACCT 503 Foundations in Accounting
GSB 613/QUAN 504 Foundations in Statistics
GSB 614/MGMT 502 Foundations in Management
GSB 615/FIN 506 Foundations in Finance
GSB 617/BLAW 505 Foundations in Business Law
Core Course Requirements (27 credit hours)
GSB 621/ECON 603 Economics of the Firm
GSB 622/MGMT 607 Management Information Systems
GSB 623/BETH 608 Business, Ethics and Society
GSB 624/MGMT 602 Leading People and Organizations
GSB 625/FIN 605 Financial Management
GSB 626/MKTG 606 Marketing Management
GSB 701/ACCT 604 Accounting for Managers
GSB 723/MGMT 609 Operations Management for Competitiveness
GSB 791/MGMT 699 Strategic Management (capstone course)

Electives (9 credit hours - Select 3)

Accounting Concentration
ACCT 710 Cost Management
GSB 702/ACCT 711 Federal Taxation of Individuals
GSB 703/ACCT 712 Federal Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships
GSB 704/ACCT 713 Financial Reporting I*
GSB 705/ACCT 714  Financial Reporting II*
GSB 706/ACCT 715 Advanced Accounting
GSB 707/ACCT 716 Audit and Assurance Services
ACCT 717 Advanced Auditing
ACCT 718 Business Law for Accountants
ACCT 810 International Accounting
ACCT 811 Government and Non-Profit Accounting
ACCT 812 Research in Accounting
*required for concentration
Data Analytics Concentration
GSB 735/FIN 725 Forecasting and Simulation
GSB 771/MKTG 711 Marketing Research
GSB 786/QUAN 755 Predictive Analytics*
GSB 787/QUAN 756 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
LIS 754 Systems Analysis and Design*
LIS 884 Big Data and Competitive Intelligence
*required for concentration


Finance Concentration
GSB 731/FIN 721 Investment Analysis*
GSB 732/FIN 722 Options and Derivatives
GSB 733/FIN 720 International Financial Management
GSB 734/FIN 724 Health Care Finance
GSB 735/FIN 725 Forecasting and Simulation
GSB 737/FIN 790 Special Topics in Finance
*required for concentration
Healthcare Administration Concentration
GSB 734/FIN 724 Health Care Finance
GSB 741/HLTC 750 Health Care Management*
GSB 742/HLTC 751 Health Care Law
GSB 743/HLTC 752 Contemporary Issues in Health Care
GSB 751/MGMT 762 Strategic Human Resources Management
GSB 755/MGMT 761 Negotiation
*required for concentration
International Business Administration Concentration
GSB 733/FIN 720 International Financial Management
GSB 761/INTB 781 International Business*
GSB 764/MKT 770 Global Marketing Management
GSB 767/INTB 780 International Practicum: Location
INTB 790 Special Topics in International Business
*required for concentration
Marketing Concentration
GSB 721/ENTR 730 Entrepreneurship
GSB 735/FIN 725 Forecasting
GSB 764/MKTG 770 Global Marketing Management
GSB 771/MKTG 771 Marketing Research*
GSB 773/MKTG 773 Consumer Behavior
GSB 774/MKTG 774 Marketing Strategy*
MKTG 775 Brand Management
GSB 776/MKTG 790 Special Topics in Marketing
GSB 786/QUAN 755 Predictive Analytics
*required for concentration
General Management Concentration (a student sleecting elective coursework from several areas will earn an MBA with a concentration in General Management)
Leadership Concentration
MGMT 760 Leadership Development*
MGMT 761 Negotiation
MGMT 763 Cross-cultural Management and Diversity
GSB 755/MGMT 761 Strategic Human Resource Management
GSB 775/MGMT 790 Special Topics in Leadership
GSB 778 Entrepreneurship
GSB 782 International Study Experience
*required for concentration