Course and Concentration Requirements


To earn a concentration in accounting, finance, healthcare administration, international business, management, or marketing, 12 credit-hours must be completed from the selected area as specified below.


Foundation Course Requirements (6)
GSB 611 Economics for Managers
GSB 612 Financial Accounting
GSB 613 Statistics
GSB 614 Organizational Behavior
GSB 615 Financial Management
GSB 617 Business Law
Core Course Requirements (9)
GSB 621 Economics of the Firm
GSB 622 Management Information Systems
GSB 623 Corporate Social Responsibility
GSB 624 Organizational Behavior
GSB 625 Financial Decision Making
GSB 626 Marketing
GSB 701 Managerial and Cost Accounting
GSB 723 Operations Management
GSB 791 Strategic Management (capstone course)

Electives (Select 3)

Accounting Concentration
GSB 702 Taxation I
GSB 703 Taxation II
GSB 704 Advanced Financial Accounting I*
GSB 705 Advanced Financial Accounting II*
GSB 706 Advanced Accounting
GSB 707 Auditing
*required for concentration
Data Analytics Concentration
GSB 735 Forecasting
GSB 771 Marketing Research
GSB 786 Predictive Analytics*
GSB 787 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
LIS 754 Systems Analysis and Design*
LIS 884 Big Data and Competitive Intelligence
*required for concentration


Finance Concentration
GSB 731 Investment Analysis*
GSB 732 Derivatives
GSB 733 International Trade and Financial Markets
GSB 734 Finance in the Health Care Sector
GSB 735 Forecasting
GSB 736 Real Estate Finance
GSB 737 Special Topics in Finance
*required for concentration
Healthcare Administration Concentration
GSB 734 Finance in the Health Care Sector
GSB 741 Health Care Administration*
GSB 742 Health Care Law
GSB 743 Health Care Issues
GSB 751 Human Resources Management
GSB 755  Negotiation
*required for concentration
International Business Administration Concentration
GSB 733 International Trade and Financial Markets
GSB 761 International Business*
GSB 762 Asia in Transition (includes study in Asia)
GSB 763 European Business (includes study in Europe)
GSB 764 Global Marketing Management
GSB 766 South American Business (includes study in South America)
GSB 767 International Residency
*required for concentration
Marketing Concentration
GSB 721 Entrepreneurship
GSB 735 Forecasting
GSB 764 Global Marketing Management
GSB 771 Marketing Research*
GSB 772 New Product Marketing
GSB 773 Consumer Behavior
GSB 774 Marketing Strategy*
GSB 776 Special Topics in Marketing
GSB 786 Predictive Analytics
*required for concentration
Additional Electives for General Management Concentration
GSB 722 Entrepreneurial Consulting
GSB 752 Employment Law for Managers
GSB 754 Managerial Communications
GSB 755 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
GSB 775 Competitive Intelligence
GSB 778 Special Topics in Management
GSB 782 Public and Non-Profit Management
GSB 784 Knowledge Management
GSB 785 Information Policy
GSB 790 Leadership Seminar
GSB 798 Management Practicum