MSA Degree Requirements for students starting MSA in Fall 2017

Degree Requirement

MSA students who will start the MSA program in Fall 2017 (and afterwards) will complete the following course requirements. 


Foundation Courses (6 one-credit hour courses)
ECON 501 Foundations in Economics
ACCT 503 Foundatons in Accounting
QUAN 504 Foundations in Statistics
MGMT 502 Foundations in Management
FIN 506 Foundations in Finance
BLAW 505 Foundations in Business Law
Core Courses (7 three-credit hour courses)
ACCT 604 Accounting for Managers
ACCT 711 Federal Taxation of Individuals
ACCT 712 Federal Taxation of Corporation and Partnerships
ACCT 713 Financial Reporting I
ACCT 714 Financial Reporting II
ACCT 715 Advanced Accounting
ACCT 716 Audit and Assurance Services
Electives (Complete 12 credit hours, choosing from several 1-3 credit hour courses)
ECON 603 Economics of the Firm
ACCT 710 Cost Management
ACCT 717 Advanced Auditing
ACCT 718 Business Law for Accountants
ACCT 790 Special Topics in Accounting
ACCT 810 International Accounting
ACCT 811 Government and Non-Profit Accounting
ACCT 812 Research in Accounting
MGMT 607 Management Information Systems
BETH 608 Business Ethics and Society
MGMT 602 Leading People and Orgnanizations
MGMT 605 Financial Management
MKTG 606 Marketing Management
MGMT 760 Leadership Development