Undergraduate Programs

Students who wish to complete a major in accounting, business administration, economics or international business must be admitted to the Brennan School of Business. Admission is open to students who have completed 12 credit hours, are in good academic standing at the university, and who have completed prior business courses sufficient to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Completion of at least one business course (accounting, business administration, or economics) at Dominican University or an equivalent business course at another institution, and enrolled in at least one additional business course at Dominican University
  • Completion of at least two business courses at Dominican University
  • Completion of at least four equivalent business courses at another institution

Application forms are available in the Brennan School of Business Office in Lewis 203.

All students, whether or not they major in one of the business disciplines, are welcome to enroll in business courses. However, no more than eight business courses (in accounting, business administration and economics) may be taken without declaring a major in one of the business disciplines.