Tom Dutton, BA '96, MBA '98

Tom DuttonIn Tom Dutton’s own words, “my MBA from Brennan was one of the main reasons I was recruited by Allstate.”  In the years immediately after completing his undergraduate degree, Tom was working full-time while pursuing his MBA on weekends and evenings. “I had a lot of professional obligations to juggle,” he recalls.  “The flexibility in the class schedules accommodated all my needs.”

As Tom neared completion of his graduate degree, the insurance giant Allstate was searching for human resources professionals with deeper understanding of business processes; his MBA (with a concentration in human resources administration) led the industry-leading company to bring him aboard.

Tom has steadily advanced in his career since then.  Today, he is a People and Organization Manager for Wrigley, the global confections company, which is a subsidiary of Mars.  His responsibilities, he says, range “from soup to nuts.”  Tom is intimately involved with the workings of his client group that includes all of the US Retail Sales team.  He travels extensively for anything that involves his associates, including interviewing, talent development and succession planning discussion, or delivering training to various audiences in the company.

“The smaller class sizes at Brennan were a huge factor in my professional preparation,” says Tom. “You couldn’t hide in the corner of the classroom.  There was constant dialogue with professors and peers, and a consistent need to present and articulate specific viewpoints.  To this day, I use those skills whether I’m meeting with top executives or interviewing candidates.  The Brennan School helped put me where I am today.”