David Aron

Professor of Marketing
Fine Arts Building #220B
(708) 524-6681
PhD, University of Michigan
MBA, The Ohio State University
BA, Northwestern University

“I compare the student learning experience to the proverbial light bulb going on when a connection is made, when an idea is formed, and filling a room with brightness. Students, like light bulbs, must be cared for, nurtured and not carelessly dropped. I strive to enable my students to make their surroundings brighter and to dedicate themselves to maximum effort and successful outcomes.” 

- David Aron

David Aron started his professional career in the retail environment, working as marketing director for a regional shopping mall and then as the marketing manager for one of the world's first online shopping environments.

Dave’s career in teaching has covered a variety of courses in the areas of marketing, advertising, and international business. His academic research has focused on the psychological aspects of consumer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and grudge holding.

Dave and his wife Debbie live in Naperville, Illinois. They have a son and two daughters.