Loreto Peter Alonzi II

Professor of Economics
Fine Arts #220 C
(708) 524-6483
PhD, University of Iowa
MA, University of Iowa
BA, Loyola University Chicago

“Economics resonates with Caritas et Veritas. God calls us to be effective stewards of the resources entrusted to us. There is no worse steward than one who squanders. As I see it, economics helps us become effective stewards by studying the decisions humans make, the impact of the structure of the economy on those decisions, and the consequences of those decisions.  The economic principles that emerge from this study are real, as real as gravity. Ignoring or denying these principles squanders resources worsening the human condition. The opportunity to pass on the principles of economics to the next generation of decision makers is exciting and energizes me every day! This opportunity lets me help bring about a more just and humane world.

We should all be greatly heartened by John Stuart Mill’s insight that: ‘My advice to you is to study the great writers on Political Economy, and hold firmly by whatever in them you find true; and depend upon it that if you are not selfish or hard-hearted already, Political Economy will not make you so.”
- Loreto Peter Alonzi

Peter Alonzi brings senior corporate experience to classroom Economics and Finance for Dominican University's Brennan School of Business. He managed the Chicago Board of Trade’s Educational Programs Group throughout the 1990s after leading the successful turnaround of a privately held financial firm in Chicago serving first as a director and then also as its president. His effectiveness in the classroom has been recognized by teaching awards at the University of Iowa, Bowling Green State University (Ohio), and Dominican University. Professionally, he served on the boards of the Independent Finance Association of Illinois, the Midwest Finance Association, and the National Futures Association Educational/Testing Advisor Committee. He is completing his term as President of the Illinois Economic Association.