Lawrence Morgan

Clinical Professor of Economics
Lewis Annex 3A
(708) 524-6378
MA, University of Chicago
AB, St. Louis University

"Economic Man" is not the greedy, shallow cartoon character portrayed by social critics, but a dynamic builder who combines intelligence, imagination, and energy with the earth's resources to transform the planet - often not enough, often too much, often in the wrong direction, usually stumbling forward. The study of economics applies a scientific rigor to describe, understand, and guide this energetic stumbling. What attracts me to it is the integration of this dazzling and messy human history with quantitative, analytical investigation. One of my teaching goals is to embed the graphs and equations of economics within the story of flesh-and-blood men and women creating history. My favorite economic writer, Robert Heilbroner (in The Worldly Philosophers) put it like this: "A man who thinks that economics is only a matter for professors forgets that this is the science that sends men to the barricades." That is the view fo economics that animates me. 

Larry Morgan spent 33 years in the futures industry as a Chicago Board of Trade economist and as a broker serving institutional client and providing risk management and trading strategies, an economist masquerading as a financial guy. Now he seems to be a financial guy masquerading as an economist. Between obtaining an AB degree in political science from St. Louis University and an MA in economics from the University of Chicago, he lived four years in South Korea as a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching English as a second language first in a Korean public middle school, later to civil servants in the Economic Planning Ministry. Besides academic degrees, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Charterholder) and has a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification from the Global Association of Risk professionals.