Michael Kiyosaki

Clinical Professor of Management
Lewis 205
(708) 524-6361
MBA, University of Maryland
BS, University of Maryland

Michael Kiyosaki is an innovative global executive with the ability to understand and leverage the interdependence of an organization's line of business development, operations, and product marketing that can drive an organization forward. His award-winning management career was built upon successfully leading organizations and teams through complex start-up, turnaround, and high-growth cycles, always focusing on identifying and capturing market opportunities and building passionate, high-caliber teams. His extensive corporate experience includes executive positions at TransUnion LLC, Terraspring Inc., and IBM Corporation. 

He has been a board director of several corporations in multiple countries, including Buro De Credito, the largest credit bureau in Mexico; CIBIL, the largest credit bureau in India; CRIVO TransUnion in Brazil; and TransUnion Hong Kong.