Learning Modules

The Center for Global Peace through Commerce has developed learning modules for students interested in being a part of the international business landscape. Each module contains topic-specific content, classroom activities, and links to related academic research and resources. Appropriate for undergraduate and introductory graduate courses,  these learning modules will engage students in thoughtful, intelligent discourse about global peace through commerce.


The first step towards sustainable capitalism is harnessing existing natural resources. As new markets are being explored, biofuels are taking an increasingly important place in the global energy portfolio. This CGPC learning module explores the positive impact Biofuels are having on new markets - as well as the challenges that arise as consequences of their use.

Conducting Business in Challenging Environments

Some markets are more challenging to do business in than others. This CGPC learning module explores different options business strategists and leaders have when starting or growing a business into challenging environments. Whether political, economic, cultural or environmental, this module helps students gain a new perspective on global business and the skills needed to operate in challenging environments.  Several challenging markets are identified and links are provided to information about these markets.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade has is a trendy idea, but what does it really mean?. This learning module dives beneath the trends to examine the real goals and achievements of Fair Trade. This includes the successes, failures and lessons learned. Entrepreneurs in developing nations are eager to break into this new market; this CGPC learning module guides students though what Fair Trade really means and why it is a small but important component of the global business landscape.


There are predictions that within this century, water will become more scarce and expensive than oil.  Essential to life on earth, this resource is rapidly being depleted by global development and polluted as a side-effect of production and growth.  Global environmental policies and political strife across borders further complicates the situation. . This learning module will engage students in a thoughtful debate about the implications for business and politics of existing and future negotiations about water as a global resource.