Entrepreneur's Bootcamp



Founded in 2005 by former Brennan School of Business professor and dean Arvid Johnson, now president of University of St. Francis, the innovative Entrepreneur's Bootcamp embodies the school's focus on providing close, collaborative support for students and community entrepreneurs. The one-day intensive workshop features classes and presentations on hot-topic issues facing startups by both faculty members and recognized Chicago entrepreneurs who have "made it."

Past presenters include:

  • Patrick Ryan, Jr., Founder of Incisent Labs and Executive Committee Member of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center
  • Bruce Lund, award winning founder of toy design and product invention company Lund & Company Invention, LLC. 
  • Jack Miller, founder and former president of Quill Corporation
  • Ellen Jordan Reidy, President and Founder of America's Food Technologies
  • Mark Coe, founder and CEO of Coe-Truman Technologies, Inc.