Career-Ready Grads

MB Fellows Dominican University

In collaboration with MB Financial Bank, Dominican’s Brennan School of Business launched the MB Fellows Program in 2013. This unique partnership enables two undergraduate students (selected during their freshman year) to receive over the course of three years on-the-job experience, one-on-one mentoring from professionals in the field, 
a yearly financial scholarship and leadership development training—all to prepare them to be top candidates for positions after graduation.

This year, Asad Azam and Rocio Aguilar, both Class of 2015, were selected as the university’s inaugural MB Fellows. In addition to taking courses to complete Dominican’s Leadership Certificate, they are 
being mentored by MB Financial Bank executives, preparing them 
for intensive summer internships with the company. They also have the opportunity to work part-time at MB Financial Bank during the school year and to apply for the company’s 24-month leadership development program after graduation. 

“I was shocked to be eligible to apply for such a great opportunity 
so early in my studies,” Azam says. “This experience will help me 
grow in the right direction and apply the knowledge I gain as an 
MB Fellow in my daily classes,” Azam says. 

This early exposure to the working world also provides an added opportunity for students to align their academic experience with 
the skills employers seek.

“The MB Fellows program helps extend the lessons learned in the classroom and fully utilize the knowledge I’m getting from my professors,” Aguilar says. “Real-world experience helps uncover 
talents and weaknesses, and I think this experience will greatly increase my chances of finding a career where I can excel and that I will enjoy.” 

It’s a model that exemplifies the university’s forward-thinking approach to preparing students—first-rate instruction from faculty members 
who have extensive real-world experience combined with distinctive experiential learning opportunities, career resources and a vast network of supporters. 

“I’m proud to say that we were ahead of the curve with our comprehensive approach,” says Keli Wojciechowski, director of Dominican's Office of Career Development. “It’s a collaborative approach and every member of the Dominican community contributes.”